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Dog Trick Training Gold coast


Does your dog love a challenge? Trick Training could be a great way to mentally enrich your dog! Train alongside passionate owners in a safe and fun environment.


Our Gold Coast Dog Trainers have designed this course to help build a strong and fun bond between you and your dog.

Gold coast trick training


How Much: $220 for the course

Duration: 1 Hour Lessons over 4 weeks

Location: Elanora


  • Trick training provides mental stimulation and challenges a dog's mind.  Mental stimulation is as important as physical stimulation

  • Trick training strengthens the bond between dog and owner. It is a fun and positive way to interact with your dog, which can help build a stronger bond between you and your dog.

  • Improved obedience.  Teaching your dog tricks can improve their overall obedience, as they learn to respond to cues and commands.

  • Confidence building.  As a dog learns new tricks and masters them, they become more confident in their abilities which can help them in other areas of training and in their daily lives.

  • Entertainment.  Trick training can provide entertainment for both the dog and the owner, which can help create a more positive and enjoyable atmosphere in the home.

  • Great for dogs for whom walks are not suitable.

  • Perfect activity for a raining day.





Our Trick Training course is a 4 week course with hourly lessons once a week.

Course costs: $220 

For more information about the upcoming start dates, please contact us.


Locations TT

Elanora State School

K P McGrath Drive​



​Classes available: Saturdays

can't commit to a scheduled course?

why not try Private Training and do it your way!

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