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Gold Coast Therapy Dog



Are you community minded?

Do you have a good natured dog?

Love putting smiles on people's faces?

Join the Found by the Hound Therapy Team

Click the link below for more information about either joining our Therapy Team as a volunteer or registering your business for a visit.

Found by the Hound Therapy Dog Team is proud to provide dogs of stable temperament who, along with their owners, visit Aged Care Facilities, Hospitals, Early Learning Centres, Private Businesses, Gold Coast Airport, and schools. Therapy Dogs can assist with reducing stress and anxiety, teaching about emotions, and assist with physical therapy.

Whilst an Assistance Dog is a dog that is trained to perform particular task work to assist an individual with a disability, a Therapy Dog can provide emotional support to many different individuals.  The dog can provide a sense of connection in difficult situations and improve a person’s social, cognitive and emotional functioning.

Found By the Hound Director, Anthea Holmes has previously held the position of Government Certified Assistance Dog Trainer.  Her involvement with ASSISTANCE DOGS includes ..

  • The breeding, raising, training and ongoing maintenance of Assistance Dogs.

  • Being part of the Board that assisted and advised the Queensland Government in the writing of the Qld Public Access Test (PAT) for Guide, Hearing & Assistance Dogs

  • Training Assistance Dogs for Variety the Children’s Fund programme

  • Assessing applicants on behalf of the Qld government who were themselves wishing to

  • become Certified Assistance Dog Trainers.

  • Anthea continues to raise and train candidate Assistance Dogs to perform specific task work to aid individuals on a case by case basis.

    Anthea's involvement with THERAPY DOGS is also extensive ...

  • Maintaining a Therapy Dog in Ronald McDonald House – Brisbane.

  • Training the volunteers for Variety the Children’s Funds Therapy Dog Team

  • Establishing the Found By The Hound Therapy Team (which pre-covid was the largest

    team in SE Qld)

  • Placement of Therapy Dogs in schools and temperament testing dogs for such roles

  • Visits to private business including Dreamworld , Early Learning Centres and Schools with her own Therapy Dogs

  • Weekly visits to Gold Coast Airport with her own Therapy Dogs to escort nervous

    passengers, reassure anxious children etc.

  • Establishing an AmbassaPAW Therapy Dog Team for Gold Coast Airport

    This extensive background with Assistance & Therapy Dogs led to an understanding of the positive changes that a dog can make to a particular person or people.

Our mission is to facilitate emotional and/or physical mental health and wellbeing through the presence of a Therapy Dog and safety for all concerned is our highest priority. With this in mind, extensive training is undertaken and maintained by all team members to ensure that the dog/s provides a benefit to the recipients and that we provide the highest quality service.

If you have any questions, about the many services that we can provide, or would like to book our team, please feel free to contact us on 0499 763 712 or


Gold Coast Therapy Dog Team


Gold Coast Therapy Dog Team


Gold Coast Therapy Dog Team


Gold Coast Therapy Dog Team

German Shepherd

Gold Coast Therapy Dog Team


If you work or manage a facility that would benefit from visits from Therapy dogs and would like more information about getting visits, click the link below.

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