With a wealth of experience and knowledge, the expert Trainers at Found by the Hound have helped thousands of dogs and their owners across the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern New South Wales achieve results that have redefined their relationships with their pets.


The team at Found by the Hound believe that clear communication is at the center of any great relationship between owner and dog. Since the company was founded, the team have dedicated their time and efforts to educate owners on correct and effective communication and training techniques.


Our Trainers recognise that each dog is unique. We customise training regimes to suit each owner and their dog based on their individual needs, level of experience and concerns. The Trainers are highly skilled at identifying the core of behavioural issues, trouble shooting and problem solving. This gives each owner the fundamental tools and knowledge so that they can continue to improve their training through better understanding.


Our expert Trainers are certified in Companion Animal Services specialising in Dog Training. Both Anthea and Sarah regularly undergo training and studies of their own to ensure their finger is firmly on the pulse with the latest training methods to better assist our clients.


What sets the team at Found by the Hound apart is their dedication to learning and growth. They work with leading local and international trainers to continually further their education giving them more resources, more experience and more resolutions. Passionate Trainers, both Anthea and Sarah also spend a significant amount of time training their respective Malinois for the world renowned “Mondio-ring” which is one of the most difficult dog sports in the world.


As well as developing training strategies for owners and their companion pets, the Found by the Hound team have spent many years raising and training dogs for specialised fields. They have trained Man Trailing Bloodhounds, Assistance Dogs, Odour Detection Dogs and Therapy Dogs. Together they now run the largest Therapy Team in South East Queensland.


The team at Found by the Hound continue to set the standard, training for both professional handlers and for families. Their versatility and experience in every facet of Dog Training has established them as industry leaders in Australia.


Found by the Hound are passionate, thorough and highly skilled. Trust in the experts.


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