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Training doesn't stop at Puppy Kindy. Join us for Group training Level 1 and take your training to the next level

How Much: $240 for the course

Duration: 1 Hour Lessons over 5 weeks

Locations: Elanora, Mudgeeraba, and Upper Coomera



Our Level 1 course is a 5 Week comprehensive course, carefully streamlined by our expert Trainers. This course has been designed with the typical problematic behaviours of juvenile and young dogs in mind. There is no age limit on this course. It is suitable for dogs of all ages once they are fully vaccinated. Our Level 1 course focuses achieving calm and desirable behaviours and giving owners the tools to effectively teach basic manners and learn how to control a boisterous and excitable dog. 



Training does not stop at Puppy Kindy. When your dog has passed the puppy stage you will often be faced with an excitable and boisterous young dog eager to test and push boundaries. Our level 1 course is designed to combat this through effective communication and boundary training. We will equip owners with the tools to promote calm behaviour for both inside the house and out and about. This course is the next stage in their training journey and will ultimately shape a well-behaved and happy dog whom is a pleasure to be around.



How Long: 1 Hour Lessons weekly over 5 weeks

How Much: $240 for the course

Outline: Lesson 1 - No dogs attend // Lesson 2, 3, 4, 5 - Dogs attend

Where are lessons run: 3 convenient locations on the Gold Coast

            Elanora, Mudgeeraba, and Upper Coomera


GROUP DOG TRAINING - LEVEL 1 - COVERS (but not limited to):


  • Loose Lead walking - no more being pulled on the lead

  • To come back when called (the first time)

  • How to stop your dog from jumping on you and your guests

  • Mat Training - getting them to stay on their bed/mat

  • How to get better focus from your dog

  • Effective methods of communicating with your dog

  • How to encourage calm behaviour

  • How to get a reliable stay

  • Ways to prevent your dog from fretting when you go out

  • How to stop play biting

  • Wait - for food, to come inside/outside, side of the road etc

  • Mental boundary training (stop a dog from passing a specific point)


For more information about upcoming start dates, please contact us.



Elanora | Elanora State School

K P McGrath Drive, Elanora Q 4221


Instructor: Anthea Holmes & Matt Swiec

Classes Available: Saturdays

Upper Coomera | Highland Reserve State School

​570 Reserve Road, Upper Coomera Q 4209


Instructor: Sarah Cabral & Kim Van der Kley

​Classes available: Saturdays

Mudgeeraba | Mudgeeraba Showgrounds

Worongary Road, Worongary Q 4213

Instructor: Matt Swiec

Classes available: Monday nights

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