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Are you a shift worker? Are you a FIFO worker? Does your family schedule prevent you from being able to commit to 5 weeks of training? 

Tailor your training to suit you! Work with our team of Gold Coast Dog Trainers one-on-one!

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Age: All ages

How Much: Varies depending on your requirements

Location: Tallebudgera Valley



Private Obedience is a tailored alternative to our group courses.  They cater to your very specific needs, questions and training goals.  Private Obedience can also consist of our regular obedience outline however run at a more flexible schedule for those that struggle to make weekly classes. ​ 


Without the heavy distraction of other dogs in group courses, you may find more success in a shorter timeframe. Having that one-on-one experience with a knowledgeable trainer will give you the opportunity to fine tune your handling techniques, address any concerns and explore other methodologies that may suit you and your dog.

If you require assistance with training a dog that has lead reactivity or dog on dog aggression, then a 1.5 hour Private Lesson is the best training option for you.  


These appointments can be made to accommodate your schedule, they can be made as a one off, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.




​We can also offer these simplified lessons to small groups (up to 5 dogs) such as family or friends that would like to attend together, making this a fun and flexible service. 




If you wish to address a behavioural issue that specifically occurs at home eg. separation anxiety or mouthing and biting, then you may be better suited to schedule a Behaviour Consultation. This will give the Trainer the opportunity to view the dog in the home environment and provide a more tailored plan  (Please click here to learn more)

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