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Puppy Training Gold Coast


An In-Home Puppy Visit is a great opportunity to have one of our trainers come to your home and assist with common puppy issues and how to address them. We then have the advantage of viewing your puppy in its home environment and providing very specific and tailored advice.

German Shepherd Puppy Training Gold Coast


Age: 8 Weeks to 18 Weeks

How Much: $180 for the lesson

Duration: 1.5 Hour Lesson

Locations: Your own home


  • Prior to puppy's arrival to ensure your home and family are well prepared.

  • Assistance with your home set up

  • First time puppy owners feeling a bit overwhelmed with puppyhood and need some concentrated help

  • Unable to commit to a 5 week course due to work/family commitments

  • Attended a puppy kindy but having some issues that you need extra help with

  • Booked a puppy kindy course but it doesn't start for a couple of weeks and need some help asap

  • Need some tailored help with issues at home eg. toilet training, crate training, mouthy puppy etc. 

  • Your puppy is too old for puppy kindy but still need help with puppy problems

  • Want the family to be present so everyone is on the same page with training


Age: 8 Weeks to 18 Weeks

How Long: 1.5 Hour Lesson

Outline: Tailored specifically to your training goals

How Much: $180

Location: your own home

Recommended: have a list ready for your trainer of any concerns you wish to address

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact us.

Not what you wanted? Not sure what training option you need? Contact us with any questions.

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