Gold Coast Dog Trainer

Is your dog the kind of dog that barks, lunges and goes crazy when it sees another dog? Or is your dog so excited at the sight of another dog that everything you have taught your dog goes out the window? 

Age: All ages

Duration: Lessons vary on severity and dogs ability. Often vary between 1-2 hours

Locations: Upper Coomera or Tallebudgera Valley (Our Trainers private properties)


Like our Behavioural Consultations, our Found by the Hound On-Leash Aggression Lesson is a comprehensive training session that exclusively focuses on reactivity whilst on leash or when passing other dogs. As this is one of the greater concerns we see with our clients, our Trainers have dedicated specific training lessons to help owners understand, rectify and/or manage the issue. These lessons are conducted at our Trainers private properties in order to control the environment and ensure a successful outcome. 


An On-Leash Aggression Lesson entails a visit to one of our highly experienced Trainer's homes where you are taught and assisted with how to train and manage a dog that is extremely difficult when other dogs are around. The Trainer will demonstrate correct lead technique and loose lead walking. As your skill and confidence increases, reliable dogs will then be placed out as a distraction so that you can apply your new skills in a real-life situation. Our goal is to prepare you with correct handling techniques, the right equipment and the confidence to return to leisurely walks without stress.



Upon arrival, you will not be able to see or be put into contact with any resident dogs. Only until you feel comfortable will our Trainers introduce a reliable dog. Please be aware our goal is to set you up for success, so the dogs will not be coming into direct contact with one another.  Depending upon your skill set and your dog's level of reactivity, dogs used for distraction may be walked past on lead, placed in yards or just laying on a mat in a fixed position.


For more information or to make a booking, please contact our team.