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Gold Coast Puppy Kindy


Your puppy’s social development occurs within the first 16 weeks of their young life. Let’s start them out on the right paw. Our Gold Coast Puppy Kindy Course gives new owners all the tools to shape a happy, confident dog.

Cute Puppy joining Gold Coast Puppy Kindy


Age: 8 Weeks to 16 Weeks

How Much: $180 for the course

Duration: 1 Hour Lessons over 5 weeks

(Lesson 1 - No Puppies / Lesson 2,3,4,5  Puppies Attend)

Locations: Palm Beach, Elanora, Reedy Creek



Puppy Kindy is a 5 Week comprehensive course, carefully streamlined by our team of Gold Coast Dog Trainers. The course is designed to give new dog owners all the information, tools and techniques they will require to successfully train, maintain and shape a well-balanced, well-behaved dog.  Puppy Kindy covers fundamental training that can be implemented throughout the duration of the dog’s life. Puppy Kindy also offers the opportunity for new owners to discuss concerns to overcome issues common with puppies.




It is easy to teach basic commands, however, rectifying behavioural issues or reversing bad habits can prove difficult, even for experienced handlers. Puppy Kindy focuses on shaping well-behaved and confident pups.  Puppies' social development occurs within the first 16 weeks of their young lives. This is a crucial time in your dog's life to learn the skills to be able to communicate with other dogs and experience the world around them. It is important to set your puppy up on the right path to ensure a harmonious future and a happy and well-behaved dog.



Age: 8 Weeks to 16 Weeks

How Long: 1 Hour Lessons weekly over 5 weeks

Outline: Lesson 1 - No puppies attend // Lesson 2, 3, 4, 5 - Puppies attend

How Much: $180 for the course

Where are lessons run: 6 convenient locations on the Gold Coast

            Palm Beach, Elanora and Reedy Creek

PUPPY KINDY COVERS (but not limited to):


  • Toilet Training

  • Mouthing and Biting

  • Integrating kids and puppies

  • How to communicate effectively with your puppy

  • How to teach your puppy to be calm

  • ​How to prevent behavioural problems such as storm phobias and separation anxiety​ ​

  • Basic Commands (sit, drop and come) ​

  • Basic Grooming and Health Care ​

  • Healthy vs unhealthy games


For more information about upcoming start dates, please contact us.


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Elanora Primary School - KP McGrath Drive


Instructor: Anthea Holmes

Classes Available: Saturdays

Palm Beach

Pet Doctors - 19th Avenue


Instructor: Anthea Holmes

Classes Available: Thursday nights

Can't commit to a 5 week course?
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