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At Found by the Hound, our Gold Coast Dog Trainers have developed specialised training programs to cater for owners and their dogs at all levels of their training journey. From Juveniles to advanced-level training for those who wish to continue pushing the envelope, Found by the Hound ensures there is something for everyone.

We conduct group courses which include Group Dog Training - Level 1 and Level 2. We also work with clients on a one-on-one basis for a more customised experienced.

The Trainers at Found by the Hound are exceptional at troubleshooting and, with that in mind, also conduct Private Lessons and Behaviour Consultations to tackle behavioural issues such as reactivity, on-leash aggression, anxious behaviours and more. 

Gold Coast Dog Trainer

Training doesn't stop at Puppy Kindy. Join us for Group Dog Training Level 1, the perfect manners course covering topics to help you have a nice dog to live with, covering topics such as walking nicely on a lead, how to stop jumping behaviour on people, basic commands such as sit & stay (but listening with distraction), to coming reliably when called.

How Much: $240 for the course

Duration: 1 Hour Lessons over 5 weeks

Locations: Elanora and Mudgeeraba


A safe and supportive course where like-minded, dog enthusiasts can come together and take their training to the next level! Topics include being able to use hand signals or verbal commands only, teaching your dog to respond at a distance, being able to have your dog reliable around the distraction of other dogs and more. 

How Much: $200 for the course

Duration: 1 Hour Lessons over 4 weeks

Location: Elanora

Gold Coast Dog Trainer
Gold Coast Dog Trainer

For those who want to look at different and fun ways to build a positive relationship with their dogs. This is a fun way to learn new communication skills and challenge your dog mentally all whilst having fun together. 

How Much: $220 for the course

(price includes a clicker and placement marker)

Duration: 1 Hour Lessons over 4 weeks

Location: Elanora


Scent training is a fantastic activity that stimulates your dog's mind and allows your dog to use its natural desire to sniff and hunt. It is fun and suitable for virtually all dogs and people. Whether it be anxious, reactive towards dogs, older in age or even deaf all dogs can join in scent training just for fun or competitively.

How Much: $355 for the course

(price includes a clicker and odour kit)

Duration: 1 Hour Lessons over 6 weeks

Location: Elanora

Gold Coast Scent Training
Gold Coast Private Dog Trainer

Are you a shift worker? Are you a FIFO worker? Does your family schedule prevent you from being able to commit to 5 weeks of training? 

Training on your terms!

Training on your schedule!

Training to acheive your goals!

Contact our Trainers to arrange a personalised training program that suits you!

Experiencing behavioural issues with your dog? Speak to our team of Gold Coast Dog Trainers, and we will develop a training plan that will get you back to enjoying your dog!

This is an in-depth comprehensive visit to your home from one of our experienced trainers to assist you to resolve and/or manage behavioural problems you may be experiencing with your dog.

For more information about available booking dates, times and pricing, please contact our team.

Dog Training Expert Gold Coast
Reactive Dog Training Gold Coast

Get back to enjoying outings and walks with your dog with our comprehensive On-Lead Aggression Lessons

Age: All ages

Duration: 1-1.5 Hour Lesson

Specifically targeted to assisting owners train their dogs to stop reactive behaviour on lead. Lessons are run in a controlled environment to ensure a safe learning experience. 

Location: Tallebudgera Valley (Our Trainer's private property)

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