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The Paw-Fect Christmas Gift: Our Top 10 Christmas Gifts for your Dog

With Christmas around the corner, it’s only fitting to give you some shopping inspiration to spoil the four-legged love in your life. If your pooch made the “Nice List” this year, they may be getting a special something for Christmas this year!

We have made a list of our TOP 10 favourite Gifts for 2019!

1. Furbo Dog Camera

Ever wondered what your dog gets up to when you’re not home? It’s now possible with the revolutionary Furbo Dog Camera. Leading technology allows you to not only keep a watchful eye on your pooch but even engage with it throughout the day! This Camera sends you alerts when your dog is barking and real-time notifications with movement around the premises.

It even dispenses treats! How cool is that!

Where From:

How Much: $249

2. Prime 100 Dog Roll

Prime100 is Australian owned and operated. They produce a selection of Single Protein Diet Dog Rolls with locally sourced, quality ingredients, minerals and vitamins for a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet. These Rolls are also perfect for Training! Cut up into small squares for the perfect treat and incentive for your pooch! They will LOVE it!

Where From: All major Pet Stores and Supermarkets

How Much: From $11.00

3. Chuckit Ultra Ball – 2 Pack

Nothing beats an interactive game of fetch, which makes the Chuckit Ultra Ball 2 Pack the perfect Christmas gift. With 2 extremely durable, visible and high bounce balls you can begin training your dog retrieving games.

Varying in sizes from petite to large, this toy makes for a great option for any breed!

Where From: All major Pet Stores

How Much: From $14.00

4. Indoor/Outdoor Station Training Mat

A Station Training Mat will be the perfect Christmas gift for your dog this year. From Indoor to Outdoor, this durable Station Training Mat can withstand almost anything. Unlike other styles, this Mat has designed to be square with limited re-positioning in mind. Promoting calm behaviour and good manners will mean that your pet will be able comfortably stay inside with the whole family!

From small to extra EXTRA large, this Mat is suitable for all breeds. Be spoiled for choice with a selection of colours and patterns to suit even the most stylish of dogs.

Where From: Found by The Hound

How Much: From $33

5. A Photoshoot with K9 Photography

For the poser in your life, a photoshoot with the team at K9 Photography will be the pawfect present and the best opportunity for them to show off their modelling skills. With a selection of packages available, you can treat your dog to time in front of the camera or join the action for a fabulous family portrait to keep forever!

Gift cards are available, just in time for Christmas

How Much: Prices Vary Based On Package

6. Clam Shell Pool

Is your dog a water baby?

This gift will bring hours of fun as well as keeping them cool and entertaining during the Summer months. This Christmas treat them to their very own play pool. This particular item also doubles as a sand pit!

Great for the whole family!

Where From: Bunnings

How Much: From $12.50

7. Big Dog Barf

Promoting a healthy, balanced diet, Big Dog Barf is a delicious meal-time favourite that provides all essential proteins, plant matter, bone and vitamins to keep them healthy and happy. With a large selection on offer, this raw food diet can aid in weight management, assist dogs with food sensitivities and allergies and promote general wellness.

Derived from all natural, locally sourced produce, Big Dog Barf needs to be in their bowls this Christmas.

Where From: Most major Pet Stores

How Much: From $23.99

8. Petlife Outdoor Bed

The Petlife Outdoor Patio Raised Dog Bed is a fantastic way to provide comfort and support for your dog while they are outside. Durable and secure this bed can withstand even the most turbulent of weather. Being raised from the ground, the Petlife Bed allows for air circulation to help keep them cool.

The raised design; allows for air circulation, reducing odour and bacteria retention, reducing the risk of fleas and skin irritations, as well as taking the pressure off of your dog’s joints by providing sling style support.

Where From: PetStock

How Much: $53.99 - $124.99

9. Kong Classic flyer

At Found by the Hound, we believe that play time is always best when you, the owners, are involved. Having your dog engage with you through play, strengthens your bond, making you more significant to your dog. This is why we have included the Kong Classic Flyer in this year’s Christmas wish list!

Kong has made a name for itself as offering a durable selection of quality dog toys that have the capacity to survive even the strongest and most tenacious of jaws. While there is no such thing as an indestructible toy, the Kong Rubber comes close!

Where From: Most major Pet Stores

How Much: From $14.30

10. Ziwi Peak Dog Food

Give your dog the taste of New Zealand’s best this Christmas. Ziwi Peak offer a wide selection of food. Ziwi Peak have adopted the “whole-prey” philosophy, offering a meat rich selection of both wet and kibble foods. Their recipes feature 96% meat, seafood, organs and bone in authentic inclusions and mirror the whole-prey diet.

Where From: PetStock

How Much: Price Varies


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