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NEW YEAR, NEW DOG: Start 2020 On The Right Paw

As we counted down to a brand new year, many of us made promises to ourselves for ways we can make improvements for the year ahead, whether it’s in regard to our health and wellbeing, achieving new goals or finding ways to make a positive impact for our community.

This makes us think. What about some new year’s resolutions for the canine friends in our life?

Let’s make 2020 their happiest year yet!


After the festive season, it can be guaranteed that majority of new years resolutions will include improving our diets and exercise regimens to get back on track for 2020. Someone else that may benefit from a shakeup in lifestyle and health are our dogs. With so many new studies conducted, it could be time to kick the old dog food and try something exciting and new. Studies show that dogs greatly benefit from variety and with so many resources available, creating a balanced diet for your dog that offers fabulous variety is certainly achievable. You may also find that a positive diet change will help their overall health and vitality.

Exercise is also paramount to a healthy dog. Whether it’s a walk around the block or a game of fetch, keeping dogs active can greatly improve their health, aid in weight management and keep joints mobile and free from the discomfort that is commonly associated with age or breed specific issues.

For information regarding diet and exercise we always recommend doing as much of your own research as you can to determine what will be most suitable to you and your pet.


Hands up who added “learn a new skill” to their list of 2020 to-dos? The same could apply for your pooch.

Nothing improves a dog’s development and in turn, the bond between you and your pet quite like regular Training. While you may have the basics covered, a great way to enrich a dog’s life and provide mental stimulation is through Training. Training can be done in your own time or in the company of other like-minded owners and their dogs.

Training doesn’t need to be a lengthy process, but a consistent one. Take time each afternoon to work on a new trick or develop their obedience. Reward with food or play and spend constructive time bonding with your dog.

Found by The Hound also offer One-On-One Training. This is like your dog’s very own PT, except instead of barbells and squats, we work on developing new skills and sharpening their existing obedience. We will exercise their mind and help you promote a happier, more balanced pooch.

Our K9 High School Club could be exactly what you need to help take their training to the next level. K9 High School Club is a less formalised approach to Group Training. Individuals and their dogs have the freedom to work on their own training goals with the help and supervision of our expert Trainers. There is plenty of time to watch on and draw inspiration from other owners. The Club is also the perfect opportunity to socialise your dog in a safe and supervised space. Train and make new friends in the new year with K9 High School Canine Club.

To learn more, follow the link.


Instead of leaving your dog with a durable chew or solo game, allow frequent time for play that includes both you and the dog. Giving time to your dog to play will strengthen the bond you have with it, making you more significant in their eyes. While socialising with other dogs can be an important part of their development, the connection he has with you is far more paramount.

This can be strengthened by regular play with retrieving games such as “fetch”, tug-o-war and if you’re ready to take the next step, nose work games.


If your new year’s resolutions included some form of positive vibes in the way of giving back to those in our community, we’ve got the perfect way to include your dog in the fun so they can get their share of good karma.

Why not join a Therapy Dog Team? With no formal accreditations required, becoming a Therapy Dog Team Volunteer can be an achievable and rewarding way to spread joy alongside your pet.

Found by the Hound own and operate the largest Therapy Dog Team in South East Queensland are frequently looking for new Volunteers to join our growing team. Regularly visiting Aged Care Facilities, Assisted Living and Hospitals (among other facilities) we are able to share the joy of animals with those who under various circumstances, are unable to have their own. As the benefits are realised by facility management, the demand for this kind of therapy continues to grow.

Give back with your dog in 2020 and get involved with our Therapy Dog Team.

To learn more, follow the link.


While frequent new experiences and exposure is crucial for the development of a young puppy, regular exposure to new sights and sounds can still be just as beneficial to an older dog.

Mix up the route you take when walking or visit new dog friendly cafes. Safe and regular exposure no matter the age can be significantly beneficial and enrich the minds of our dogs even when they’re in their golden years.

Found by the Hound regularly host a social walk on the Southern end of the Gold Coast. This free event is a wonderful way to explore new areas, meet other dogs (and of course owners) while being on-leash and safe.


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