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Gold Coast Dog Trainer

Sarah is an exceptionally passionate Dog Trainer. Sarah has spent her entire working life within the animal industry and today has earned a reputation as an extraordinary Dog Trainer across the Gold Coast and beyond. She has set the standard for those in the industry and continues to pave the way through the success and results she has brought to her many clients.


Before Sarah came to make her mark as a Dog Trainer, she was a Veterinary Nurse and Practice Manager for over 10 years, focusing on the health and wellbeing of all animals however her love for dogs and animals alike began much earlier in life. Since she could say the word “dog”, having a dog of her own was forever at the top of her wish list.


At the age of 10 Sarah’s parents bought her first dog. Like any responsible owner, Sarah participated in Dog Training. A discouraged Sarah was told that her beloved dog was untrainable so she took it upon herself to relentlessly study and research all that she could on training dogs and began to find success on her own. Sarah and her dog spent 14 wonderful years together and it was this unique bond that would see Sarah pursue a career working with animals, particularly as a Dog Trainer.


Sarah’s true passion lies with studying the behaviours of animals. Her fascination with what led animals to behave in a particular manner ultimately saw her turn in the direction of Dog Training.


​Sarah left Vet Nursing to pursue Dog Training on a full-time basis and has never looked back. She moved up the ranks within a renowned company and during this time she ran very successful puppy classes, juvenile classes, obedience classes, private lessons and behavioural consultations. Sarah also volunteered to help train the Variety Therapy Dog Team.


As well as being a busy mother of 4 children, Sarah has raised over 40 puppies (most in the last 4 years) adding to the point that she does in fact love a challenge. Through her studies, expertise and her own personal experiences, Sarah brings a particular set of skills to the Found by the Hound team. She specialises in integrating puppies and families with young children. Sarah understands the importance of correctly introducing a dog or puppy into your home and into your existing family as well as teaching fundamental training techniques that the whole family can follow to ensure a happy and harmonious household. 


​Passionate, dedicated and experienced in every facet, working alongside Sarah will help you achieve your training goals and more importantly, enhance the bond and communication that an owner will have with their dog.


Certificates & Achievements


- Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services

- Certificate II in Vet Nursing

- Previously a Govt Certified Assistance Dog Trainer until 2017

- Successfully Passed MAT Test with "Ragnar" in MondioRing

- Successfully Passed Birch ORT (Odour Recognition Test) with "Alfie" in Noseworks

- Successfully Passed NW1 (Noseworks Level 1) Trial placing 5th overall (41 competitors) with "Alfie" in Queensland's first trial

- Achieved prestigious "Partnership Award" in NW1 trial with Alfie for great working relationship and bond


Sarah - 0416 072 724