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Found by the hound

Trainer Kim has always had an affinity for large/giant breed dogs.  At just 15 years of age, her first dog was a Great Dane but it wasn’t until she acquired her Neapolitan mastiff Bruce, that she realised just how important it is to train your dog.  

With Bruce she got involved in the world of protection dog training. Kim spent countless hours training him for obedience and protection work and in 2009 won a 1st place medal for his obedience at the first K9 Pro Sport (Protection Dog Sport) competition held just outside of Tamworth.  


In 2019 Kim’s Mastiff x Hooch, successfully passed Noseworks Birch ORT (Odour Recognition Test). Both of these feats are an absolute credit to her training ability.

Outside of her love for dog training, Kim also has a special interest in canine nutrition primarily focused on raw feeding. Having been an avid raw feeder for the last 20 years she is also a Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist.


Kim has spent almost 4 years mentoring under Senior Trainers Anthea and Sarah, and previous to that spent over 15 years working as a registered Intensive Care Nurse, Kim is not only a competent trainer but tremendously compassionate.  Like all other Found By The Hound Trainers, Kim is a mother and is extremely competent at that sometimes daunting task of raising dogs with young children.


Kim will always be a large breed Mastiff lover and is very confident working with large breed dogs. Kim does however enjoy a challenge, and has taken on the ownership and training of little Joey the Chihuahua X, her smallest dog to date. 

Certificates & Achievements


- Certificate in Raw Dog Food Nutrition

- Successfully Passed Birch ORT (Odour Recognition Test) with "Hooch" in Noseworks

- Achieved 1st Place in Obedience in Canine Pro Sport with "Bruce" the Neapolitan Mastiff

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Kim - 0411 541 044