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Alex has always had an interest in behaviour. Most of her career has been spent working with children and teenagers, but underpinning all of that was her deep desire to know how the brain functioned; how people worked and why? It was precisely this same passion and curiosity that saw her transition into the animal industry.

Alex is a mother of two wonderful children. After the birth of Alex’s second child, who was born with several medical conditions, some of them very rare, Alex decided to look into training an Assistance Dog for her son. Having never backed away from a challenge before, she decided to start the intense process with her Whippet, Sonic.


Having chosen a dog that was not your typical "assistance dog breed", she worked tirelessly with Sonic to have him trained to do a medical alert and to preform life saving task work (including retrieving medical kits and medical supplies), all designed to assist her and her son and make their lives easier. 

Supported by Found By The Hound Senior Trainer, Sarah, she has successfully trained Sonic the Whippet to indicate 20 minutes prior to her son having a full blown medical episode. This medical alert has now dramatically reduced his number of ICU admissions. Not surprisingly, this whole training process led her down the path where she found herself once again fascinated by behaviour, this time in animals, and it developed her passion for dog training. 



As a child, Alex owned many dogs. Everything from Afghans and Boxers, to Poodles and Pugs. Each dog was unique and while she loved all of them, her Afghan, Coco, will always have a special place in her memories.

Alex's enthusiasm and passion for helping people makes her a valued asset to the Found By The Hound Training team.


Alex - 0408 894 948

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