French Bulldog




Lauren has had a rather unconventional entry into the dog training world. From a young age, she has had a passion and love for not just dogs but all animals.   


Lauren attended the University of Queensland where she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Wildlife Science. In 2016 she commenced a career in the zoo industry and has worked with over 9 different species of animals, including several kinds of dolphins, seals, penguins and pelicans with her primary focus being on husbandry training.  Most of the animals she worked with weren’t easy to transport to a vet so they had to be trained for “voluntary health behaviours”.


Every day Lauren worked with the animals to build a mutual trust and understanding. She trained them to accept routine medical procedures so as to ensure the animals could have treatment that was free of stress and of course,  to maintain everyone’s safety. Some of the behaviours Lauren had to train included getting them to voluntarily lay in a particular position for different treatments eg brushing teeth, removing teeth, endoscope procedures, ultrasounds, vaccinations, X-rays, blood samples and getting on weighing devices.


After attending an international animal training conference in New Orleans in 2019, Lauren's eyes were opened to the endless possibilities that training offers. She then began working with the animals on more complex cognitive behaviours which resulted in a noticeable improvement in their overall welfare.


Lauren has also had experience in the veterinary industry as a surgical animal attendant for one of the largest veterinary clinics in Queensland. Working with animals is both rewarding and challenging and Lauren embraces opportunities to expand her knowledge and experience. 


In 2021 Lauren met Anthea and Sarah, and was blown away by how much training knowledge they had to offer. Since then, Lauren has been shadowing both Anthea and Sarah, to continue learning more about canine behaviour and applying her combined knowledge to all the animals she works with.


Found By The Hound is both honoured and excited to have Lauren join the team.


Lauren - 0415 702 635