Dog Friends




Trainer Matt brings with him, great insight into some very difficult dog behaviours. He started his training journey many years ago, when he purchased a dog from a shelter that turned out to have some tough behavioural issues. Whilst many people would have taken the easiest option and returned the dog to the shelter, Matt made it is his mission to help this dog. He devoted hours upon hours to studying dog behaviour, different training methodologies and along the journey, speaking with various trainers to develop a plan to help transform his dogs’ behaviours. 


It took hard work and consistency with the training but the change in his dog was amazing. This journey lead to a passion for dogs, training and understanding canine behaviours.  Having now developed such a passion for dog training and wanting to continue that journey, it wasn’t until he acquired another dog from a rescue, that he then met Trainer Anthea. 


After meeting Anthea and Sarah he realised how much more there was to learn about dogs and training and was inspired to take on even greater challenges. He has been mentored by Trainers Anthea, Sarah & Kim and is continually pursuing learning opportunities to develop and hone in on his skills and knowledge. 


Since joining the team Matt has also taken on the care and training of Zia, a German Shorthaired Pointer that was surrendered to Trainer Anthea with concerns of aggression. Matt has worked wonders with her, along with sorting out some of her health concerns and is now training her in Noseworks with the goal of competing with Zia in the future. Overall a fantastic outcome for both Trainer Matt and Zia. 


We are fortunate to have Matt running classes and value his contribution to the team. 


Matt - 0401 166 106