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K9 Primary School (16wks +)
Teaching your dog essential household manners and how to get an overall nice family member
​​5 week course - $220​​
This 5 week course is designed to give your dog nice calm behaviour in the home and out and about. 
Owners  often struggle with their dogs being very excitable and boisterious at home. It's easy to get a dog excited but sometimes difficult  to get it to calm down. The Nice Manners course helps you as the owner start achieving nice household manners, which turns your frustrating pooch into an absolute pleasure to have at home. Does your dog go crazy when guests come over?   We can help  you change that!

Our courses are 1 hour lessons once a week for 5 weeks
This 5 week course costs $220
Lesson 1 - No dogs attend
Lessons 2, 3, 4, 5 - dogs attend

Course Covers:

Loose Lead walking - no more pulling on the lead
Mat Training - getting them to stay on their bed/mat
How to get better focus from your dog
Effective methods of communicating with your dog
How to stop your dog from Jumping up on you and your guests
How to encourage calm behaviour
How to get a reliable stay 
How to prevent your dog from fretting when you go out
How to stop play biting
Come back when called
How to teach a Wait - for food, to come inside/outside, side of the road etc
Mental Boundary training (stop a dog from passing a specific point)
and so much more...........

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​​​​Classes Available At:

Elanora State School
K P McGrath Drive, Elanora Q 4221

Instructor: Anthea Holmes
Classes available: Saturdays

Upper Coomera
Highland Reserve State School
570 Reserve Road, Upper Coomera Q 4209

Instructor: Sarah Cabral
​Classes available: Saturdays


The German Club
3 Jondique Avenue, Merrimac Q 4226

Instructor: Sarah Cabral
Classes available: Wednesday Nights