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We believe that the key to making a dog an intergral part of your family is clear communication. 

​Our team is dedicated to helping owners and their pets to achieve the best possible relationship through good communication and training. We have dedicated the last 10 years to helping owners and their pets develop healthy relationships on the Gold Coast. 

​Our trainers have their Certificate IV in Companian Animal Services with a focus on Dog Training and running classes. 
​Combined we have trained thousands of dogs and will continue helping owners with pets. 

​Our team is focused on giving you the RIGHT advice built on years of study and experience. We will always be honest!

It is important to set clear, realistic and achievable training goals.

We recognise that every dog is unique and each owner is equally unique and we are skilled in trouble shooting and problem solving for each dog and owner unit we work with. What works for one dog may not work for another. We do not discriminate against any breeds and work with all dogs big or small.

​We are continually studying to ensure we have the latest and up to date training methods and techniques. 

​We also have a strong focus on helping the community by training man-trailing bloodhounds. Also we are often asked to be guest speakers for local community groups, and demonstrations on canine behaviour . 

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  1. Executive Director
  2. Executive Director
    Tricks and Team Mascott
    Toy Poodle
  3. Executive Director
    Tricks and Team Mascott
  4. Executive Director
    Drug Detection Dog
  5. Executive Director
    Evidence Search
    Belgian Shepherd (Malinois)
  6. Executive Director
    Lots to Learn
    Belgian Shepherd (Malinois)